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An Introduction to Server Shelves/Rack Shelves

Our Shelves will always get the Job Done!

We stock the most comprehensive range of rack mount shelves available something to suit every application. There are a number of things which influence the choice of shelf required:-

How often you do need to access your server/equipment?
If youre accessing it frequently, our sliding shelves allow you easy access to the cables and the rear of your servers.

Is your server heavy?
If your servers and UPSs are over 68KG, our heavy duty fixed shelf can cope with up to 226kg of equipment.

Is your server/equipment small?
If you have routers, switches, our half shelves (relay rack shelves) can be a cost effective solution.

If you would prefer one of our experienced technical advsiors to help you find the right server rack shelf for you, please call us on 01925 454093

Fixed Shelves

When you dont need to slide the equipment in/out
A maximum weight of 68kg or 226kg
Rack fixing depth of 762mm (Standard) 806mm (Heavy Duty)
Ideal for Switches, Routers, PCs, Servers, UPSs

Sliding Server Shelves

When you do require the equipment to slide in/out
Acts as a Tower-To-Rack Conversion kit
A maximum weight of 20kg, 43kg or 106kg
Rack fixing depth of 787mm (Computer Shelf) 800mm (Medium/Heavy Duty)
Ideal for PCs, NAS and Servers

Relay Rack Shelves

Half shelves for 2 & 4 Post racks
Ideal for monitors, routers and switches
Full shelves for 2 Post racks only
Work for all rack mount equipment, including heavy servers

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