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Server Shelves/Rack Shelves Explained

We have a rack shelf to mount almost any piece of equipment you may have. The following questions may help you to find the right rack shelf for you...

How often you do need to access your server/equipment?
If you’re accessing it frequently, our sliding shelves allow you easy access to the cables and the rear of your servers.

Is your server heavy?
If your servers and UPS’s are over 68KG, our heavy duty fixed shelf can cope with up to 226kg of equipment.

Is your server/equipment small?
If you have routers, switches, our half shelves (relay rack shelves) can a cost effective solution.

Fixed Shelves

The most versatile fixed rack shelf available comes in both universal and heavy duty options, allowing you to rackmount small pieces of equipment such as desktop PCs, right through to the heaviest of servers or UPS back up device. These fixed rack shelves work in almost any standard 19" cabinet and support up to 226kg of equipment.

Sliding Server Shelves

Our exclusive range of Sliding Shelves will work with most workstations and servers on the market. From a small form factor Dell Optiplex up to the large Compaq ML 530 tower server system, these act as Tower-To-Rack conversion kits and offer a huge amount of flexibility. Built from solid steel and designed with the ultimate smooth flow non-ball bearing drawer extension system, shelves can take up to 106 kg of equipment.

Relay Rack Shelves

Adjustable and fixed Relay Rack Shelves come in a variety of sizes to suit the equipment being installed. There are two half shelves - ideal for installing switches, routers and other small miscellaneous equipment. And for 2-Post racks, we offer two full depth rack shelves.