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Portable Server Racks

Compatible with all Major Manufacturers' Equipment

including: Dell, HP Compaq, IBM, Sun, Apple, Fujitsu

There are two very different types of Portable Server racks in our range. The 12U Portable Rack is a very flexible storage solution for the small to medium office environment. Integrated casters allow for ease of movement across level surfaces and short distances.

Alternatively, the shock isolated rack transport cases are the ultimate solution for situations requiring absolute mobility and protection. This is a top of the range product designed to house the most expensive of equipment safely and securely.

Our racks can be configured to meet your exact equipment requirements. With over 15 Years of experience our technical advisors can help you choose the right cabinet for you. Call us on 01925 454093 for more details

Our Portable server racks come in two different types, click on the link for more information and to buy online.

12U Portable Server Rack

Ideal for small offices and installations. Optional Front and rear covers give a complete solution. Perfect for under a desk or an office corner. Only 225.

6U Transport Case

A truly 'transportable' rack. 6U of usable space. Only 775.

8U Transport Case

A truly 'transportable' rack. 8U of usable space. Only 795.

To help manage the equipment in your server rack, we sell...

Fixed Shelves
Sliding Server Shelves
Fixed Rail Kits
Rackmount Monitor Kits
Rackmount KVM Switches
Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

We also stock a range of specialist server racks including enclosed Server Cabinets and Open racks which are suitable for almost all rack equipment. Please call us on 01925 454093 to find out more.

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