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Open Frame Server Racks

Compatible with all Major Manufacturers' Equipment

including: Dell, HP Compaq, IBM, Sun, Apple, Fujitsu

Our open frame server racks are designed to hold computers, servers, rack mount monitors, KVM switches and network equipment. The server rack meets all EIA standards for a 19” server rack. These server racks come flat packed, are quick and easy to assemble and incorporate a self squaring design to ensure a correct build every time. Open frame racks are installed in 1000’s of locations worldwide.

Our Open Frame Racks can be configured to meet your exact equipment requirements. With over 15 Years of experience our technical advisors can help you choose the right cabinet for you. Call us on 01925 454093 for more details

Our Open Server Racks have a 585mm x 740mm footprint (27% smaller than a cabinet) taking up less space than a cabinet but housing the same equipment. We have five different heights available to buy online.

• 50U Open Rack
Ideal for data centres and server rooms

• 44U Open Rack
Great for multiple server installations

• 36U Open Rack
A medium size rack for medium size installations

• 30U Open Rack
Just the thing for locations with height restrictions

• 24U Open Rack
Excellent for combining small servers and comms equipment

To help manage the equipment in your server rack, we sell…

• Fixed Shelves
• Sliding Server Shelves
• Fixed Rail Kits
• Rackmount Monitor Kits
• Rackmount KVM Switches
• Power Distribution Units (PDU's)

We also stock a range of specialist server racks including Portable Racks and Server Cabinets which are suitable for some specific requirements. Please call us on 01925 454093 to find out more.

Advantages to the Open Frame

Our Open Frame racks are just that and do not have the option for Side Panels and/or Doors. This gives them several advantages over fully enclosed server cabinets:-

Price - Much more cost effective on product and delivery

Footprint - 27% smaller than a cabinet with no compatibility issues
Access - No side panels or doors means easier installation and cable access
Airflow - No restrictions so temperature can be regulated more easily

Custom Built Racks

If you have a specific requirement, be it a custom height or depth, most requests can be catered for. Any height is available from 1U up to 50U and any depth between 152mm and 914mm can be produced.

Custom requirements are all built to order and therefore there is a lead time and increased cost involved. It is best to discuss your requirements with a member of our technical sales team and they can tailor a personal quote to suite your needs.

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