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Dell Versa Rail Alignment Kit

What are Dell Versa Rails?

Dell Versa Rails are used to mount Dell servers into non-Dell, round hole server racks.

Can you mount the Versa rail kit in to a square hole rack?

The answer is yes - with a Versa Rail Alignment kit.

What does it do?

This simple, but very effective hardware kit, prevents incorrect alignment of the Versa Rails when mounted in a square hole.

Is this important?

Yes, otherwise the rail kit would be loose and the server not safe or secure in the rack.

How does it work?

The specially formed washers lock into the square rack hole and keep the screw aligned with the threaded holes on the Dell Versa Rail.

What does it include?

This kit contains the hardware and fixings to mount 1 Dell server. This comprises of 8 alignment plates and the screws to go with them.

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NB. We inlcude an alignment kit in all Dell Versa Rail kits we sell - no need to order separately!

Technical Specifications

Works with all Dell Versa Rail Kits
Works with all EIA-D standard square hole racks

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