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Changes at IBL Parts...

We are still delivering the same great products & service, the only thing to change is the name to RackSolutions

From 15th July 2009, IBL Parts became part of the Innovation First group of companies and will be operating under the brand name of RackSolutions.

Will you see any difference?

Probably not initially, the range of products will remain the same, as does the UK team, so we will continue to deliver the excellent customer service you're used to.

The only significant change will be the company name, which will be phased in over the next few months on our paperwork, emails and website. The IBL Parts website will run in parallel for the foreseeable future.

Behind the scenes the main benefits to becoming part of Innovation First is that we will have access to a larger product range, customised manufacturing facilities and a wealth of industry experience - all of which we look forward to sharing with you.

Who is Innovation First?

Innovation First is a US organisation that began by producing electronics for autonomous mobile ground robots and is now a leader in educational and competitive robotics products, and a growing developer of consumer robotics toys. Incorporated in 1996, Innovation First is a privately held corporation that was founded on the belief that innovation is necessary very early in the design process to produce simple and elegant product designs.

What are Innovation First’s area of expertise?

There are three distinct product areas:

RackSolutions - Leveraging the company's core competency in electrical and mechanical engineering, the RackSolutions division was formed in 1999 with the goal of becoming the "Rack Mount Problem Solvers." RackSolutions now works closely with all major computer OEMs to provide custom mounting solutions and industry-wide rack compatibility for data installations of all sizes. For further information www.racksolutions.com

VEXRobotics – Innovation First are the undisputed leader in designing and supplying control systems to the largest educational robotics competitions worldwide. The VEX Robotics Design System is the leading classroom robotics platform designed to nurture creative advancement in robotics and knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. For further information www.vexrobotics.com. These products are not currently available to buy in the UK.

HexBugs - The VEX Robotics Design System has given way to other robotics products including the range of HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures, currently available in the UK & Europe are the Original, Crab and Inchworm with Ant due to arrive in 2010. The HexBugs span the education, consumer and business-to-business markets. For further information www.hexbug.com

Where is Innovation First based?

The worldwide head office is in Texas, where they operate out of a 13 acre complex that houses an advanced metal fabrication plant, distribution centre and corporate offices. Innovation First has more than 75 employees worldwide.

What changes will we need to make to our company records?

At this stage, you just need to change the telephone number to 01925 454093 and the email address to

The address remains the same:

6 Melford Court
Hardwick Grange

Fax Number: 01925 479873

Website: www.iblparts.co.uk & www.racksolutions.com

For the foreseeable future the 01925 43144 number will still be operational and the IBL Parts website will remain online.

Why is your paperwork still using the IBL Parts branding?

The process of changing all company paperwork and emails is time consuming and will be undertaken in stages over the next few months. We will advise when new email addresses for your contacts are available and the IBL Parts email addresses will continue to operate for the foreseeable future.

Do I need to change your banking details on our system?

Not at this stage but we will inform your finance department when details change.

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